This wonderful piece of Skillman family history was passed down in the family to John E. Skillman III, Past President of the Association and 2nd great grandson of Elias Scudder Skillman. It was made between 1829, the last of the dates in the original handwriting, and 1832, the date of the birth of the last child of the family. The date of death on the record is that of Barbay, but it is incorrect, as cemetery records show her date of death as 1851, not 1841. There is no explanation for the spelling of the Skillman name on this Family Record with a single “l,” as all other records of this family show the double “l” spelling. Elias Scudder Skillman’s wife Barbay (Barbara) was a Mercereau, a family which descended from French Huguenots who originally settled in Staten Island, NY, but relocated to Union, Broome County, NY. Elias and Barbay are buried in Riverside Cemetery in Union, along with four of their children. It contains the following information:

EliasSkilmanFebruary 29, 1793November 6, 1817
BarbayMersereauAugust 29, 1795November 6, 1817March 7, 1841
GittaAugust 19, 1818
FrederickNovember 26, 1819
CarolineE.May 4, 1821
DavidR.March 24, 1823
EliasS.August 29, 1825
JohnM.June 17, 1827
PhebeS.December 8, 1829
JoshuaMersereauOctober 20, 1832

Elias Scudder Skillman Family Record