A search of “The Skillmans of America and Their Kin” by William Jones Skillman reveals the following Skillmans who proved themselves to be patriots during the Revolutionary War by either military service or other support for the cause of independence. I find it interesting that I found none of our male ancestors during the period of the Revolution to be loyalists supporting the British. I did not check the females. Our Skillman ancestors were true patriots!

Current descendants of these patriots would likely qualify for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution or Daughters of the American Revolution. However, William Jones Skillman’s claims are insufficient proof of patriotic service for either the SAR or the DAR. Additional research must be done unless the ancestor in already in SAR or DAR records. William Jones Skillman’s text is quoted verbatim from his “Skillmans of America and Their Kin.” I have included the SOA number as assigned to the individual by William Jones Skillman. I would be glad to assist any member in joining either the SAR or the DAR.

Revolutionary War US Soldier

Skillman, William, b. 1739(?) (Joseph3, Thomas2, Thomas1): “Governor Clinton (Dec. 22, 1780) pledged the faith of his state (N.Y.) to persons advancing money for American prisoners (Rev. War) on Long Island. Of those who made the advance or cashed these pledges, never perhaps expecting a return, were Thomas Skillman and William Skillman…” [SOA 10 ii]

Skillman, Doughty (Doty), b. 17 Oct 1755 (Osie4, Joseph3, Thomas2, Thomas1): “In the Rev. War he was in a Militia Regt. Of Somerset Co., and also artificer in the Quart. Mast. Gen’s Dept.” [SOA 11 ii]

Skillman, John, b. 15 Feb 1733 (Jacob3, Thomas2, Thomas1): “was both farmer and tanner [in Kingston, NJ].” According to DAR records, he gave sides of leather to the Continental Army for which the British burned his tannery. [SOA 17] He is listed as a patriot in SAR records.

Skillman, George, b. 1747 (Jacob3, Thomas2, Thomas1): “a Revolutionary soldier, member of Capt. Tennis van Middlesworth’s Company in Team Brigade.” [SOA 20]

Skillman, Thomas, b. 13 March 1736 (Joseph3, Thomas2, Thomas1):” was Lieut. in the Militia on the patriot side in the Battle of Long Island… he was taken prisoner, 1776, and confined in New York, but his loyalist father-in-law interceded, and both he and his brother John took advantage of Lord Howe’s proclamation, and returned to their homes in Bushwick.” [SOA 23]

Skillman, John, b. 19 April 1750 (Joseph3, Thomas2, Thomas1): “Ensign in a Bushwick Company at the Battle of Long Island.” [SOA 25]

Skillman, John, b. 10 Jan 1753 (Thomas4, Isaac3, Thomas2, Thomas1): “John Skillman was a Revolutionary soldier…” [SOA 36]

Skillman, Gerardus, b. 20 Sept 1754 (Thomas4, Isaac3, Thomas2, Thomas1): “a light-horse trooper in the Revolutionary War…” [SOA 37]

Skillman, Thomas, b. 10 Feb 1756 (Thomas4, Isaac3, Thomas2, Thomas1): “a Revolutionary soldier…” [SOA 38]

Skillman, Abraham, b. 20 July 1759 (Thomas4, Isaac3, Thomas2, Thomas1): “a Revolutionary soldier…” [SOA 39]

Skillman, Jacob, b, 25 Aug 1755 (John4, Jacob3, Thomas2, Thomas1): “wagonmaster in Capt. Wm. Davison’s Company in Team Brigade in Rev. War…” [SOA 47] This Jacob is listed as a Revolutionary War veteran in a book published by the Empire State (NY) Sons of the American Revolution. His grave is in Riverside Cemetery in Union, NY, and has a bronze SAR marker. He is listed as a patriot in SAR records.

Skillman, Abraham, b. 13 Sept 1760 (John4, Jacob3, Thomas2, Thomas1): “soldier in Rev. War…” [SOA 48]

John Skillman